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There are inhabited mostly European and spotted deer in Ukraine. They live in forests of different areas, and they are kept in small groups. Deer are found almost in all hunting areas.
They eat plant food. European deer live in the Carpathian region in central Ukraine, and in Southern regions. Spotted deer are in the middle zone of Ukraine, Kiev, Cherkassy, Vinnitsa and Nikolayev region. Spotted deer is less than the European. Spotted deer horns weigh from 2 to 6 kg. Spotted deer is reddish-brown color with white spots on the sides in summer. Horns of the European average deer weighs between 6 and 8 kg. In Carpathians, the deer live in the dense spruce forests and hunting them is very difficult, as you have a lot of walking in the mountains to find, track down and get a nice trophy deer. In central Ukraine deer are found in pine and mixed forests. In southern regions are found in steppe and forest areas, where most exposed areas and the difficulty of hunting is that it is very difficult to get close to deer, as he sees all around.

In territory of Ukraine the elk lives in the coniferous and mixed woods of the Volynsk, Zhitomir, Kiev, Chernigov, Sumy areas. The elk prefers the humidified habitats, avoids the open spaces. The length of a body reaches 3 m,

Height up to 570 kg. Elk – the important object of shooting animals. At on a large head - widely placed horns forming horizontally located flat "shovels" with set of shoots. Horns in November-January are dumped.

Timeframes of hunting:

August-January and September-December.

Price for trophies (Euro):

Elk: a trophy - horns and a skull

Horns up to:

3.49 кг     - 700

3.50-4.99 - 800-900

5.00-5.99 - 1200-1300

6.00 кг     - 1400 + € 5 for everyone 10 г over 6.00 kg