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Hunting and providing services to foreign tourists and hunters

These rules are designed in accordance with Clause 15 of the Regulations on hunting and hunting exercise, approved by Cabinet of Ministers of 20. 07. 96. № 780. The main goal - to determine the conditions of the organization and conduct of hunting for foreign tourists, hunters (hereinafter - foreign hunters) hunting farms in Ukraine. Approved by Order dated 09 State Forestry Committee of Ukraine 09. 99 number 83.

General provisions

To organize the reception of foreign hunters and hunting tour of the grounds of public hunting, and other hunting farms in Ukraine, the users of hunting grounds must be licensed State Committee for Tourism of Ukraine for tourist activities and a contract to carry out hunting tours, compiled between the user and the hunting grounds of a foreign or domestic firm, or alien hunter who hunts individually.
Permission for import into Ukraine by foreign hunters hunting weapons and ammunition for hunting, they are transported from the state border of Ukraine in hunting and in the opposite direction the territory of Ukraine, as well as export to Ukraine gives the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (MIA) at the request of the State Forestry Committee of Ukraine (hereinafter State Forestry Committee), users of hunting grounds.
Responsibility for transportation of hunting weapons and ammunition from the place of crossing the state border of Ukraine to the hunting economy are representatives of hunting or domestic firms - organizer of the hunt, or other responsible person who is given permission from the Interior the right to carry arms and ammunition on the Ukrainian territory.
Responsibility for the safety of hunting weapons and ammunition while hunting bears directly by foreign hunters.
At the time, not related to hunting, hunting weapons and ammunition are stored in a specially equipped room, game management, designed to store weapons. Responsibility for their safety at this time is the person in charge of hunting.
Hunting foreign hunters for wild ungulates and bears a special license shall State Forestry Committee of Ukraine. Licenses shall be paid in accordance with established State Forestry Committee value.
Payment for trophies and services provided in accordance with a written contract (provided for in § 1.1. Regulation) but at a level not less than the lower level of prices that are set State Forestry Committee, in coordination with the Ministry of Economy.
Valuation extracted trophy is held by its weighting (after pre-treatment and prosushivapiya) or by measuring instruments and the counting of the balls on the international scale of the ICU.

To export products of hunting abroad should have:

duplicate license to hunt wild ungulates and bears and a copy of minutes of hunting (hunting issue);
veterinary certificate (form № 2-milestones), which is issued by the chief doctor of veterinary medicine area. The certificate number is placed on the export permit hunting products abroad, issued by the State Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Agro-industry;
permission to export the trophies of individual species (the Ministry of Environmental issues in Ukraine);
Interior Ministry permission to import / export of hunting weapons.
When accompanied by foreign hunters hunting huntsman must be in uniform and carry permits, certificate of employment, equipment (depending on the conditions and methods of hunting), first aid kit for emergency medical assistance to the victim.
Insurance for foreign hunters, usually held in the country of residence. If necessary, the user must have a hunting ground to the victim first aid, and in severe cases of injury or illness - to deliver it to the nearest stationary health unit to provide adequate medical care. Medical services and transport paid for by foreign hunters.
The order of execution of documents on the organization of reception of foreign hunters and holding a hunting tour.
After signing the agreement to hold hunting tours, but no later than 30 days prior to arrival, foreign or domestic company or a foreign hunter who hunts on the user directed the hunting grounds the relevant data for processing the request and permission to import (export) of hunting weapons and ammunition when the hunters arrive by own transport - information about a car (make, vehicle identification number), and the place of crossing the state border of Ukraine.
Along with providing these data are sent to the wishes of foreign hunters about the trophies, hunting seasons, hunting grounds.
To obtain permission to import and export in Ukraine beyond weapons and ammunition, as well as to transport them on the territory of Ukraine State Forestry Committee, users of hunting grounds directed against the Ukrainian Interior Ministry documentary evidence for the use of hunting grounds, a copy of the agreement to hold hunting tours showing name, surname, patronymic, passport data of each hunter's mark, number, caliber of each weapon, the number of rounds, the term of the territory of Ukraine, the route of transportation of weapons in Ukraine, the data on the persons responsible for the import (export) to transport weapons, ammunition (full , name, passport series and number, by whom and when granted), payment (receipt) of payment of bills for services licensing system and consent of the regional, urban or regional (territorial) of internal affairs of foreign hunters to find farms, and equipment rooms sootvetstvetstvie hunting for weapons, to comply with (the act provided for in Subsection 2. 1. Regulation), in each case.
Before the beginning of hunting season users of hunting grounds are in the National Committee on Forestry and Hunting of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, oblast departments of forestry or state forestry associations a special license to hunt wild ungulates, after transferring 50% of their value in a special account State Forestry Committee of Ukraine. Licenses are issued for the entire round and closed on the day of hunting wild fowl, or after the tour, if the animal is not produced.
Received permission to import (export) of hunting weapon send a fax to a foreign firm that guides hunters in the Ukraine, and the original resolution filed at the border at a meeting of foreign hunters, as well as when moving from farm to farm.

Holding a hunting tour

On the first day, before hunting, game management director (head hunting) in the presence of an interpreter conducts training on the rules of hunting safety and gives a brief description of the place of hunting, announces the beginning and end of each period of hunting, signals the beginning of the hunt, pen and its completion, the behavior of on-site shooting, shooting on the order of the animal and its actions in the wound, as well as other issues that contribute to effectiveness in conducting hunting tour. Head hunting listens to opinions and suggestions of foreign hunters and takes action to implement them during the hunting tour. After a briefing on safety in the book of hunting by foreign hunters put their signatures.
Arriving at the place of hunting, foreign hunters hunt "to approach", accompanied by rangers, or occupy a room or shooting towers, they are told and sectors of fire, a signal head hunting, start hunting for pre-ordered the animal.
After hunting head hunting sums up the hunting day, listens to comments and suggestions to the success of the next hunting day, and also checks taken away by foreigners hunting weapons.
At the end of hunting round head hunting with foreign hunters in the presence of an interpreter, are records of hunting in the 4 copies in both languages for each hunter on the results of hunting and the services provided, signed by them, respectively, director, translator and foreign hunter. The first copy of the protocol together with a report about the hunt goes into State Forestry Committee, the other remains in the economy, the third and fourth - respectively, the hunter and the foreign firm.
Minutes of hunting is a document for payment for a hunting tour conducted on the basis of its invoice.
According to the foreign hunter, he can get an additional animal, except for pre-booked (within the approved limit). The results of additional production is also entered into the minutes of hunting.

Settlement procedure for hunting tour

Forming the contract to carry out hunting tours, parties agree on the value of "Service Package" for a foreign hunter and his escort for the day at the farm and the cost of trophies.
Calculations for a hunting tour foreign or domestic firm or a hunter who hunts individually held as follows:
No less than four weeks before the stay of foreign hunters pay 50% of the "packages" for one hunter and one of his escort.
Payment of the full cost of "packages" and produced a trophy made on the basis of hunting protocol signed after the tour on certain dates in the agreement and order.
The farm every foreign hunter pays cash on the spot: the cost of mining licenses ordered venison and additional services provided in excess of specified by the contract.
DO NOT start hunting tour without advance payment specified percentage "Service Package".

Regulations for import of weapons in Ukraine

ARMS. For the import of weapons in Ukraine, we first make out the import permit. Under Ukrainian law, the documents for registration of permission to import foreign weapons hunter must be submitted to the permitting system in less than 30 days before the hunt. Employee responsible for the transport of weapons in Ukraine will have to meet a hunter on his arrival in Ukraine, and to accompany him stay until the departure from Ukraine. This is due to the fact that the foreign hunter has no right to move on the territory of Ukraine with arms alone. If the hunter arrives in Kiev - Escort will have to meet him in Kiev on his arrival, along with the hunter to get to the hunt, and to accompany his stay in Ukraine until the return flight from the country. In this case, all maintenance costs and travel paid for additionally.