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Hunting for wild boar


- Individual hunt for male and female wild boar: with 01.09.2011. to 28.12.2012.

-- collective hunting and driving: with 25.10.2011. to 28.12.2012.

EUROPEAN red deer, sika deer, elk, Mouflon, Fallow

- Individual hunting for males and females: 01.09.2011. to 28.12.2012.

- Collective and driving hunt: with 25.10.2011. to 28.12.2012


-- individual hunting, collective and driving: Yearly


- Individual hunt: with 01.06.2011. to 30.09.2012.

RABBIT - Rusak, fox, marten, polecat, raccoon dog, muskrat, beaver, PROTEIN

- Individual hunting, collective and driving: with 08.11.2011. to 25.01.2012.


- Ducks, sandpipers, pigeons: with 09.08.2011. to 28.12.2012.

- Goose: with 09.08.2011. to 25.01.2012.

- Quail: with 09.08.2011. to 27.10.2012.

- Pheasant, partridge: with 04.10.2011  to 28.12.2012.

Hunting Days:

- Individual hunting hoofed animals: days of the week

- Collective and driving hunt hoofed animals: Saturday, Sunday

- Hunting for fur animals: Saturday, Sunday

- Hunting for game-bird: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Individual trophy hunting of male roe deer in Ukraine

Trophy hunting is a male deer is becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine. It is an individual, but because most vivid impressions of. Most hunting takes place in May-July, when all the other species until closed.
Hunting skradom - Is one of the most exciting way to hunt. To sneaked for a distance shot and get stag, should know about animal behavior in this period.
In order not to frighten the animal, the hunter must be able to disguise themselves well, have patience, endurance and, of course, shoot straight. Successfully cope with this task - to bring to the places most likely meet with the beast, will escort you to a professional huntsman.
Hunting tower - Method available to any hunter that does not require special physical training. It lies in the fact that the hunter is on a specially built tower and waiting when the male deer will feed on the field, podkormochnuyu site or solonets. Hunting tower allows good rasmotret, select and shoot the best trophy animals.

Hunting is conducted in the period: from May 1 to December 31, any day of the week

Region of hunting: Vinnitsa, Kiev, Cherkassy, Chernihiv region

Duration of hunt: 1 to 3 days

The optimal number of hunters: 3 people

The cost of hunting round for one hunter:

from 160 $ / day

Cost of the tour for one accompanying:

120 $ / day

The price includes:

-- selection of hunting

- Preparation and coordination of the tour program

- Accommodation at the hunting base or in the hotel

- Three meals a day (Ukrainian home cuisine, venison dishes)

- Transport services in the hunting areas: one off-road vehicles, the driver, fuel

- Head hunting services

- Egerskoe service hunting

- Mining licenses beast

- Insurance

Extra charges:

-- value extracted trophy in accordance with the table

in fact

- Primary processing, one trophy

$ 20

Possible additional services:

- Transfer from Kiev to hunting and back to the group

0,40 $ / km

- Additional transport in the hunting areas, for one car

$ 150

- Registration of documents for the export of trophies from the Ukraine (one trophy)

$ 30

- Rent a hunting weapon for one day of hunting

$ 30

- Ammunition for shotgun / rifle

in fact

- Videography, photography

$ 50 / day

- Firing from smoothbore weapons on flying targets

- Services taxidermist to produce trophies

- Send the trophies to the residence of hunters

- Organization of fishing

- Photography, videography

- Interpreter

- Excursion program

TROPHY: horns to the skull without the lower jaw



to 199 g


200 -- 249 g


250 -- 399 g

300 + 1,2 $ per 1 g over 250 g

400 -- 449 g

480 + 1,8 $ per 1 g over 400 g

450 -- 499 g

630 + 2,0 $ per 1 g over 450 g

500 g more

730 + 5,0 $ per 1 g over 500 g

Wounding and shortage of trophy males $ 200

Missed $ 50


-- Hunter Required must bring a certificate of hunter, a control card for the current hunting season and permit the arms of the country of residence.

-Meat, hide: included in the cost of a trophy

- Missed paid in the event that during the booked hunt trophy was bagged.

- During shooting of unauthorized species charged a penalty and the total price of the extracted or injured animals.

- When organizing the tour for one hunter, the cost of hunting increases by $ 150 per day.

- Depending on the location of hunting grounds and living conditions, possible changes in the cost of the tour and trophies.

- The final payment amount agreed upon in the process of booking the tour.

Payments are made in national currency at the rate of National Bank of Ukraine on the day of payment, all prices are given including VAT.

"NO luck!"

Hunting industry to Cherkassy region

(Cherkasy region, Chigirinsky District)

The hunting farm is located in a picturesque place, the home of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Road tourist route "Golden Horseshoe", the area economy 11 thousand hectares, favorable climatic conditions, most of the area is oak-hornbeam forest. Fauna available here wild boar, European roe deer, sika deer, fur animals.

For hunting are skilled hunters, transport (two Niva, UAZ "Farmer", ZIL 131), West Siberian huskies, walkie-talkie. Directly on the basis of hunting has chalet, with a Russian stove, which can take up to 10 people, as well as farm near another house that can accommodate 8 people.

For a more comfortable stay hotel in subsection Saturday (the famous Church of Elijah) -- 10 km of the economy, or the city of Cherkasy -- 70 km.

Upon request we offer visitors Ukrainian cuisine.

Individual hunt for the male deer from 01 July, the male wild boar from 01 September.

For foreign hunters offer individual hunting (2 persons) and collective tariff in 2008 for:

Male deer

Number wf


Price, Euro


License, without a trophy



Trophies - horns, weighing in grams, 200


From 201 to 250


From 251 to 300


From 301 to 350


From 351 to 400


From 401 to 450


Over 451



Female, young









Search wounded animal



Wild Boar

Number wf


Price, Euro


License, without a trophy



Trophies - fangs, the length in inches, to 14.00


From 14.1 to 16.0


From 16.1 to 18.0


From 18.1 to 20.0


Over 20.1



Female, young









Search wounded animal


Accommodation -20 euros (person \ day)

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