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Varied types of wild ducks live in Ukraine. The most mass types are krakva, a teal, lisuha. Wild ducks live in Ukraine in a water-marsh in the rivers and water basins. In the south and in Crimea ducks live on reaches, with a cane, on greater lakes in п the Azov and Black seas. Ducks are a migratory type of birds, and every year depart for the winter to the southern countries. And in the spring in March come back to the seats where they in the end of May - the beginning of June deduce and grow up posterity. To the beginning of August basically all duck posterity already flies and from the second Saturday of August on them the season of hunting opens.

Timeframes of hunting:
Hunting for a duck is spent from August till December.

Ways of hunting:
- In August - September on a wild duck hunt in several ways:
- In the morning and in the evening when ducks do flights of the habitats
- From the disguised seats with use of plastic scarecrows
- From the approach when the hunter goes and lifts ducks
- With dogs who find them in a high grass and lift
In October-December on a wild duck hunt from the disguised seats, with application of plastic scarecrows.

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