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Hunting for a blackcock

In Ukraine the blackcock lives in area of Polesye, in the Volynsk, Zhitomir, Rovno, Kiev, Chernigov, Sumy areas and in Carpathians. Large enough and appreciable bird on plumage. Length of a body самца up to 50 sm, weight up to 1,5 kg, weight самки up to 1,3 kg. The blackcock conducts a settled way of life, in the fall and in winter sometimes makes not distant fodder migrations. Lives in crude sites of a wood both adjacent meadows and bogs. Prefers young growths of a birch, an alder, wood and moss bogs. Flight low, rectilinear, from the ground rises is noisy, often waving short wings. In winter a blackcock keep small стайками, often sit down on trees, being fed with runaways, kidneys of birches, an alder, a pine, etc. Than 30 sm which protects them from frosts and a wind are at night hidden in a snow on depth not less. In the spring (April, May) male and famale are going with groups (up to several tens individuals).

Timeframes of hunting:

The spring jota on a blackcock is spent from March, 20th till May, 10th. Autumn - from August, 1st till November, 29th.

Ways of hunting:

In the spring on a blackcock hunt on spring currents. From August till November on a blackcock hunt with a dog.

Cost of a trophy:

Cost of 1 trophy of a blackcock (spring hunting) – € 190

Cost of 1 trophy of a blackcock (autumn hunting) – € 100

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