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Hunting on valdshnep

In Ukraine valdshnep lives in northern regions, in the Chernigov, Sumy, Zhitomir areas. It lives in the extensive deciduous and mixed woods with dense underbrushes. Nesting passes from April till August. Valdshnep arrive in the middle of March, fly away in October – November, sometimes are late up to the first frosts. During autumn flights of a bird often wander greater groups and can accumulate thus on the small area. Flight passes in the evening and at night. Valdshnep has a color of  autumn foliage and very well masks, especially in the fall when the foliage falls down. The greatest concentration of valdshnep during migration is observed in Crimea in October - November and during the warm period of December. At this time it can be met everywhere in all wood territory of Crimea.

Timeframes of hunting:

Hunting on valdshnep is spent from August till December.Сроки охоты:

Ways of hunting:

On valdshnep hunt basically with dogs. Having found on a smell seat where has hidden вальдшнеп, the dog becomes in a rack, showing the hunter the location of a bird. Valdshnep rises close from a dog, but tries to fly through dense thrickets or to disappear for a tree or a bush. To shoot to the hunter it is necessary very quickly.

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