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Hunting for the wolf

In Ukraine the wolf is widespread everywhere. Especially greater concentration of the wolf is observed to Polesye. Length of a body of 105-160 sm, weight – 30-70 kg. The wolf – very close animal, on districts is guided mainly by means of sense of smell and hearing, vision is developed more poorly, and still at night sees better a dog. The basic food to wolves serve wild and house artiodactyl: roe deer, a wild boar, a deer, a hare, etc. the Wolf causes huge damage to the hunting facilities. They form the wolf flight and very effectively hunt together, extracting even such large animals, as an elk. The hunting area of wolves reaches 50 – 60 km in radius. Speed of run of the wolf about 80 km at an o'clock. Hunting for the wolf is one of the most complex and interesting.

Timeframes of hunting:

Hunting for the wolf is spent from October till February inclusive.

Ways of hunting:

In the fall on the wolf hunt a shelter, with dogs, banishing seats of their dwelling. Also hunting for the wolf is very effective with use baits meat of animals. Bait spread near to habitat of wolves, build a tower or shelter from which observe when the wolf will find приваду and it begins her to be fed.
During the winter period at availability of a snow on the wolf hunt with tags. Find a fresh trace of the wolf and try to define, where wolves have laid down on day time rest. Then surround with tags, their suspension above a snow. Having surrounded wolves, hunters become near tags and lift an animal. The wolf does not jump through tags, and moves lengthways, trying to find a way out, and gets under a shot of the hunter.

Price of a trophy:

The wolf: a trophy - a skin - € 400

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