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Hunting on a hare

The hare-hare lives in Ukraine. He/she is the largest representative of family of hares: length of a body 55 – 70 sm, weight 4 – 6 kg. The hare-hare changes the fur coat 2 times a year: in the spring (in March – April) and in the fall (in October – November). The hare-hare everywhere lives and present at all hunting facilities of Ukraine. Very much greater concentration of a hare-hare in southern areas of Ukraine and in Crimea in forest-steppe, steppe zones. Also greater concentration of a hare-hare is observed and to Polesye, in the hunting facilities where struggle against predators is intensively conducted, such as the fox, the wolf, grey a raven. The hare-hare is active the year round: within day – more all in twilight and at night. Only during гона it is swept often up and in the afternoon. Keeps alone.

Timeframes of hunting:

Hunting for a hare-hare is spent from November, 1st till January inclusive.

Ways of hunting:

Hunting for a hare-hare in wood district is spent with hounds dogs. In fields, in ravines on a hare hunt from the approach. In a steppe zone and in Crimea on a hare hunt a shelter. The greatest popularity has тропление a hare (search of an animal on traces).

Cost of 1 license for a hare – € 25

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