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Hunting for a wood-grouse

The wood-grouse in Ukraine lives in a small amount in Carpathians and to Polesye. The wood-grouse in Russia and in Belarus where spring hunting for this bird are spent is very widely widespread. The wood-grouse one of the greatest birds also represents the big interest for hunters. The length of the adult самца reaches 1 m, weight – 5 kg. The bird a wood-grouse of a female significantly is less самца – its weight does not exceed 2 – 2,5 kg. Lives mainly in coniferous woods with an impurity of deciduous breeds.

 Lives there where there are fructifying trees and berry bushes. Wood-grouses conduct a settled way of life.

Timeframes of hunting:

Hunting for a wood-grouse is spent from March, 20th till May, 10th.

Ways of hunting:

On a wood-grouse hunt on a current, in twilight from the approach.

Price for a trophy:

Trophy of a wood-grouse – € 550

Wound - € 320

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