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Hunting for a partridge

In Ukraine the grey partridge is widely widespread. Lives almost on all territory of Ukraine. Habitats – fields, meadows, заросшие a grass ravines, steppe sites. Conducts settled, partially (in winter) wandering way of life. In favorable years (warm, not snow winter) partridges reach very big density. Nestlings completely grow by the end of July. The partridge is hidden in a grass, quickly runs across, flies up with noise and a wave of wings, flies on a straight line, low above the ground.

Timeframes of hunting:

Hunting for a grey partridge is spent from October till December.

Ways of hunting:

Hunt on a partridge with a dog. This hunting has much in common with hunting on has sung. However partridges keep gather together and fly up almost always together. It is a little having flown by, they sit down as together. To shoot more than 30 % of birds from one Flight it is not recommended. Where concentration of partridges very much greater it is possible to hunt and without a dog, from the approach.

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