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Hunting in Ukraine

Hunting in Ukraine

Tour operator « UA Travel» since 2004 is engaged in the organization of the hunting rounds for Ukrainian, as well as foreign hunters. We cooperate only with the best hunting facilities in territory of Ukraine which have all necessary conditions for the qualitative organization of hunting and residing of hunters.

Hunting to be spent on wild animals in their habitat of dwelling that provides the way to take pleasure in the present hunting. With a great pleasure we offer for you services on the organization of hunting in Ukraine. We shall take all organizational questions on ourselves. We shall be glad to cooperation with the tourist and other organizations interested in progress of the hunting and fishing tourism.

Our company organizes and spends rounds across Ukraine, both for Ukrainian, and for foreign hunters (amateur hunting and trophy hunting for professionals). We spend orientation rounds to forestry with residing on the hunting base for beginning hunters and professionals, as well as their families and children. We offer accommodation on the hunting bases in picturesque corners of the nature of Ukraine. We advise and prepare beginning hunters from the beginning and help with equipment for professionals one.

Price for  a hunting for a season 2010-2011

Загонщик (1/1 день)


Transport services during hunting for 1 hour:

- Car “Nyva”


- Car “UAZ”


- Motor boat Crimea


- Snowmobile the Lynx


Section of one ink


Processing of one trophy


Storage (freezing), packing of a trophy


Residing at hotel (****) (in 2 local number)


Residing at hotel (****) (in 1 local number)


Cost of trophies

Wild boar

Canines up to:

14 sm — 120

14.01-16.00 — 150

16.01-18.00 — 200

18.01-20.00 — 300

20.01 sm — 400 + 10. For everyone of 1 mm from above 20.01

Wound without a trophy:

50 % of cost of animal

Roe deer

Horns up to:

200 г — 160

200.01-400.00 — 280

400.01 — 400 + 10 грн. за каждый 1 г свыше 500 г

Wound without a trophy:

50 % of cost of animal

Cost of meat:

Wild boar – 10 for 1 kg

Roe deer – 25 for 1 kg